For people living in colder parts of the globe, summer comes as a welcoming respite. This is that time of the year when people head to their favorite summer holiday destination to get that natural tan on! So, if you are deciding on a place to spend your summer vacation, this blog will help you to find best travel sites and Saving deals means zero-in on the place.


Miami: The sunshine state of Florida is ever welcoming to tourists from around the world. A summer vacation in Miami would be a complete package of sun, sand and cocktails! Since Miami is one of the hot favorite travel destination in the world, economy class tickets booking from anywhere in the united states to Miami is affordable and easily available, thanks to the connectivity of the Miami international airport.


Hawaii: This island state of United States is sure to get you into the “Hawaiian mood” just as you set foot in its soil. Sipping on some pineapple cocktail and surfing on its azure waters, you will find it hard leave Hawaii at the end of the vacation, like every other tourist. Abundant economy class flights will take you to Hawaii from anywhere in the world, at competitive rates.


Chicago: The windy city might be a little harsh to visit during winter time and summer months are when you should pay this city a visit. From sky-deck, Lake Michigan to beaches, Chicago has the perfect summer holiday planned for you. Economy booking to land into Chicago O’Hare International airport is no big task from most parts of the world.


San Francisco: A breezy summer is what SF offers to its visitors. This bay area gives you ample opportunity to have a pleasant family vacation. The San Francisco International Airport is well connected domestically as well as internationally and has numerous non-stop economy class flights.


Boston: While the winter time weather can get really unpredictable in Boston, its summers are the best time to visit this beautiful city. Rich in history, art and culture, Boston has a lot to offer to tourists. You can also head to the nearest beach: Cape Cod that is just a few hours’ drive from the city downtown. Boston Logan airport is a busy airport offering a range of economy class flights to choose from.