One of the most popular and sought after beach vacation getaways, Bahamas attracts tourists from all across the world to its blue waters, silver sands and its sunny side up. The buildings painted in pop colors, add to the fun and beauty of the destination that make for perfect backdrops for your family pictures. If you are traveling with family, then you should ideally go with a Bahamas vacation package that is all inclusive and works lighter on the pocket.


Comprising of 700 islands, surrounded by the Atlantic and the Caribbean seas, and located at a distance of only 80 kms from Florida, Bahamas is the perfect tropical paradise. A hit amongst beach lovers, Bahamas has a plethora of tourist attractions to keep one busy yet relaxed all day.

Most romantic cheap getaways will help you cover the peaceful island along with the mysterious fishing villages, the gorgeous sunny beaches and the coral reef rims that are found along the stretches of the city.


While visiting Bahamas during the New Year is a great opportunity to view the biggest festival of Bahamas, it is difficult to get cheap Bahamas vacation deals during this season. So, if you are ready to spend that extra buck you will view the most magnificent festival with the beats of the throbbing drums and the vibrant colors of the kaleidoscopic costumes of the Junkanoo.

There are various destinations in the Bahamas that are perfect for the beach vacationers famous for their clear skies, blue waters, picturesque backdrops and pinkish sands. Some of the must visit destinations that should definitely be a part of your Bahamas vacation packages are Nassau, Exuma cays land and sea park, Harbor Island, Grand Bahamas and Andros Island.


Indulge in some fishing or some souvenir shopping around the little shops at the beach, what you are sure to take back home from Bahamas is loads of sweet little memories and an unforgettable beach getaways with the entire family. Everything from shopping, adventure to some scrumptious sea food welcomes you to this beautiful tropical paradise we call Bahamas.