Before going international the first thing comes to your mind is getting cheap plane tickets. International airline tickets form a large chunk of your budget when you decide to go out of the country. Getting a great deal depends on how flexible your travel dates are, how alert you are and what airline are you looking for. Here’s a look at some tricks to get cheap international flight tickets.


Visit Airlines Sites:
Keep a close watch on the websites of airlines since they offer discounts on international airfares. Airlines have frequent flyer programs, mileage accruals and other offers that help you save big when you buy from a specific airline.

Look for Aggregator Sites:
Online aggregator sites offer fabulous discounts on international plane tickets. There are possibilities that you may get your hands on really good deals on a particular route or airline. If you are flexible with your plans and itinerary then you can really save big bucks.

Online Travel Agents:
If you want a hassle free travel then try going for OTAs. Online travel agencies have negotiated airfares which are otherwise not available anywhere else. Apart from plane tickets, you can book international vacations package which includes hotel accommodations, rental cars, and other add-ons that save you money.


Don’t hesitate from little layovers in between your source and destination. It is an easy way to save money and if the airline if offering free stopover then you can probably extend your stay in the layover city and make it part of your trip.

Get Travel Alerts:
Subscribe or follow some major airlines and get travel alerts to your inbox. This is a cool way to stay updated with the latest deals and exclusive discount offers. Many airlines fill up their last vacant seats in this fashion.


Student discounts:
For students or if you are under 26 then there are many discounts available for you. Many airlines offer discount international airfare on student travel that helps you grab cheap tickets.