Traveling around the world is once in a lifetime journey that leaves eternal memories. The secret to embark on this journey around the world is to plan in advance and look out for hot airfare deals via comparisons in several online travel agencies. Since air travel accounts for the majority of the expenditure on your trip, here are a few tips that will eventually cut down the cost of your journey around the world.


Redeem Bonus or Referral Points to book Cheap Flights
When you buy from online travel portals or local travel agencies in your area, you get bonus or referral points. Just by referring your friends to a particular site or buying regularly from one website can get you some bonus points. There are numerous travel portals that offer redeem points, exclusive offers and discounts on domestic flight deals.


Use Cash back offers on International Plane Tickets
If you are using mobile wallets or online travel agencies then many of them offer the option of cash back. This is a great way to save bucks on international plane tickets. Cash Back offers are easily available while you buy movie tickets, restaurant bills, and game tickets. These can be used in the future to save money when you travel internationally.


Plan your travel schedule
If you are looking to save big with cheap round trip flights then plan your travel at least 3 months before the scheduled date of departure. Plan an itinerary in advance and have a wonderful journey sans any hassles. Booking at the last moment is always a gamble since there are high chances of you paying heavy costs of the flight ticket. Also, there is a possibility that you may get a ticket just for one way and not both ways.


How to get multi-city flights at last minute for a business trip?
Business commitments often come uncalled and become a big concern unless you have cheap multi-city flights. There are many online travel portals that have teams dedicated entirely for business travel deals. With negotiated airfares, you can cut your travel cost to 30 to 40%.

The Bottom Line
The Bottom on how to get cheap flight tickets is a combination of different things. Planning in advance, looking for cash back offers, redeeming bonuses and blocking the right deals are just a few.