Wear a different dress everyday and you may be termed fashionista. What will you are called, if you explore a different beach every day? Sounds unbelievable? But it is true. Antigua in Caribbean with 365 beaches is one such destination. Whether you want to have family time or romantic moments or just sit gazing the sun set over the horizon, there are beaches to suit every taste. Beaches apart, there are historic sites, national parks and places of scenic beauty that inspires many to search Antigua vacation deals. Here we dish out information on what Antigua holds for you.

antigua-vacationsBeaches are omnipresent
With 365 beaches circling this small island you can’t skip them even if you want to. And why would you skip them if they are so beautiful. Due to availability of beaches to suit every whim and fancy, Antigua turns out to be a beach lover’s paradise. cheap antigua vacation packages If you are looking for seclusion you can go to explore Hawksbill Beaches that include Royal Palm Beach, Sea Grape Beach, Honeymoon Cove and Eden Beach. You can also go to explore Dickenson Bay which is considered as the tourists’ favorite. Half Moon Bay and Galley Beaches are other popular haunts for the travelers.


Visit Nelson’s Dockyard National Park for a change
Want to take a break from beaches? You can visit Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. Home to British fleets during the Napoleonic wars is an interesting place to visit. The place has also served as the headquarters of Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson during the late 18th century. On arrival, visit Dockyard Museum where you can see Nelsons Telescope and other belongings. In addition, there are restaurants, shops and cafes to make your visit more interesting with our all inclusive antigua vacation packages.

Fort Barrington defensless against the tourist invasion
Shirley Heights
Wear you sturdy shoes and go to Nelson’s Dockyard National Park and hike to Shirley Heights. Situated at a height of 492 feet above the sea level, it offers interesting view of the surrounding from the top. A glance over Guadeloupe and the active volcano Montserrat, Is nothing short of a visual delight.

St. John’s Saturday Morning Market – See Life in Progress
A visit to St. John’s Saturday Morning Market is one of the major highlights of Antigua vacation packages. Situated on the market street of Antiguan capital St. John’s it is the place where vendors from all across the island come to sell their products. You can buy souvenirs, crafts and other things to keep memories of your visit alive. This market gives you an opportunity to get a peek into the life of locals.

all-inclusive-antigua-vacationDevil’s Bridge
Only Mother Nature can create such kinds of formations. Situated in eastern Antigua the natural arch formation of the Devil’s Bridge is result of millions of years of reef formation. This natural wonder is highly popular among the vacationers.

The sun is shining; weather is sweet in this beautiful Caribbean delight!!!