Cost saving travel ideas are always welcome while you plan a vacation. Here are some major factors that needs special attention to keep your travel budget minimum…

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Understand your needs and define your travel plan

It is a very big concern to understand your need with respect to your budget. Suppose you live in the US and wants to go for a family vacation Package. And  because of his busy schedule, he didn’t spend quality time with his family and have a simple travel budget, then What will you do?


  • Choose the place where you want to go.



  • Explore local newspapers’ classifieds and advertisements and online deals for hotel, restaurants, best places to visit, happy hours deals, offers and promotions etc. This is very helpful to minimize your budget upto 40%..


  • Transportation is also a big part of travel. Whether you will travel by Air, Sea or land, It’s very important to observe closely,”why you choose this mode of transportation? And is there any alternate options?


  • Is it possible to reduce no. of days, if you can? Suppose you have already booked a family vacation for 5 nights – 6 Days and you all need is well enough with 3 nights – 4 days then you should cut your rest of days and minimize your budget.   

Reduce unexpected expenses while traveling

Pack your bag with all necessary things that you will need during travel like medicines, snacks, cookies, dry fruits, wine cellars etc as much as possible. {Chicago To Kolkata Flights}


How to get a cheap airfare?

Getting a cheap airfare is never easy task. Flying on weekend may be costly rather than normal days. There are so many online travel sites who offers cheap airfares like Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Kayak, Skyscanner, Bookotrip etc. At first check normal airfare from these sites for the given date then check hot flight deals & offers.

From sites like skyscanner you can choose cheapest month for given destination. This will also help to reduce your flight booking cost.

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Pay only for your exact travel need

If your need is only Car rental services, or hotel booking instead of whole package booking then you should check best services through Internet that is frequently available. You can directly negotiate with customer support services and also modify the itinerary as per your needs.

Some times Booking of a flight + hotel instead of the whole vacations is also helpful to reduce the traveling cost.


Check latest deals, coupons or special offers and cash your reward points

Many hotels, airlines and travel agents offers you different rewards points through out the years, so its a great chance to redeem it with cash or services.